Fédération de la Libre Pensée du Doubs
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Fédération de la Libre Pensée des Vosges
Centre Culturel Claude Gellée
4, rue Claude Gellée
88000 Epinal
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Giordano Bruno, burned alive by the Inquisition, February 17 1600.

The Libre Pensée continues to be, through the different human feelings, a cultural association for everyone, a philosophical association of thoughts and the battle against  all clericalism, the religions and the oppressions.

The aim of this site is to present the Libre Pensée of Doubs, which is anticlerical, antireligious, antimilitaristic and antidogmatic. It defends the institution of "Laicité", the law of  seperating religion and state and is opposed to schools being run by the church. Finally, it organizes public conferences in their fight against obscurantism and encourages  open debate amongst its members. The federation thinks that open analysis and free will guarantee a democratic debate.

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